How To Use Revive

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1.0 Litre

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1500 RPM

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  • Dose 1 at 2200 RPM using 250 ml Revive over 60 seconds
  • Dose 2 at 1800 RPM using 250 ml Revive over 60 seconds
  • Dose 3 at 2000 RPM using 250 ml Revive over 60 seconds

You will need 1 x 750ml bottle(s) for a full Revive treatment.

How Revive Turbo Cleaner Works

Always start with a cold engine, unclip the intake pipe after the airfilter & MAF sensor. Spray Revive in 3 doses of 250 ml into the intake, 1st with the engine running at 2200 RPM.

Step 1 - How To Use Revive

Next at 1800 RPM, stop the engine for 3 minutes.

Step 2 - How To Use Revivee

Re-start the engine then finally at 2000 RPM.

Step - How To Use Revive

Keep the engine running for a few more minutes until the Revive has worked out of the system. Take the vehicle for a brisk drive of about 20 minutes, exercising engine components and completing the Revive treatment. The Revive cleaning process can be performed before a service, this allows the vehicle to be checked over and filled with clean oil.

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