How It Works

How It Works

Revive has become known around the world for its ability to clean the Variable Vane mechanism of a Turbo (VVT) fitted to a Diesel vehicle. The vane mechanism fitted to the Turbo Charger is designed to move and vary the amount of airflow over the turbine wheel of the shaft so as to allow more or less pressure to flow through the engine to increase power where required. This is how, what would normally be a sluggish diesel engine, can be improved in power and efficiency without having to increase engine capacity.

The fluid is injected into a cold engine and travels through the inlet/compressor of the turbo, the intercooler (where fitted), inlet valves, exhaust valves, EGR valve (when operational and operating / open at the time of the treatment) and then through the exhaust housing, turbine wheel and vane mechanism of the turbo.

From the compressor wheel of the turbo the fluid travels through the intercooler cleaning surface deposits which creates a lower temperature air (Charge Temperature) for the engine to consume which gives more power.

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